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Especially when everyone else seems to know them anyway.

If episode 4 left me feeling a little empty, episode 5 went a long way to fill up my soul.

You gotta wonder how many guys from the gym are crushing on Ga Yeon. The rest of the roommates head out to their various commitments, while Se Ho convinces Na Na to go with him to visit Wookie.

Poor Min Woo, I don't think he knew what he was getting into by going to train with Miss MMA. OK, can I just say that I don't ship this couple at all.

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i try to include a lot of canon details in this universe but i took a lot of liberties too lol. “You didn’t rag on my party, Jackson,” she tells him firmly.

How will you act around your "family" when most of them are your longtime crushes?

this is a fic built around the concept of the variety show 'Roommates'.

“You went to my party, ate all the Doritos, and then asked me to smoke pot with you.”The corners of his mouth are twitching. ” Youngji presses, annoyed.“Just,” Jackson covers his mouth to hide his laugh.

“Nobody really calls it smoking pot anymore, Youngji-ah.”Or, the prompt: “I wouldn’t have offered you a blunt if I knew you were the RA.” Seulgi is the first one to greet her when Youngji wakes up. It might have already occurred to her that the one good thing about all of this is that she is already drinking, like way into her second drink, and he is matching her stride for stride, as if they were commiserating and not, you know, on the world's most awkward blind date.

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