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Nelson, 64, of Princeton, passed away Saturday, Feb. A memorial gathering to celebrate her life will be held on Wednesday from 4-7 p.m.

Services for Patricia Erickson, 79, of Davenport, are 10 a.m.

The most common of these are fireworks, though casinos, guns, and bulk tobacco products are also quite common.

The last one can lead to some strange situations: for instance, usually you expect prices to be higher in a major city than in its surrounding suburbia, but Philadelphia's eastern suburbs are in New Jersey, which has higher taxes than Pennsylvania (but lower than New York), meaning that people can (and do) go the city to buy things like cigarettes and alcohol at a cheaper price.

As the central government — which bounced between cities for 27 years before the founding of the District of Columbia in 1801 — grew in power, a war was fought over whether the individual states or the federal government should have the bulk of power.

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The reason for this was twofold: to reduce any appearance of favoritism, and to prevent a situation where the local militia could hold the government hostage, which nearly happened during the Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783."State" was initially a synonym for "nation", not "province" as it is now.In the early years, the original thirteen colonies were a loose coalition whose only uniting factor was the desire to be independent from Great Britain.The National Mall (the area containing the White House, Capitol, Supreme Court, and all the monuments and Smithsonian museums) would remain a Federal District, while the rest of Washington would become the State of New Columbia.In 2016, Washingtonians voted overwhelmingly in support of such a measure, but it has to be approved by Congress, which is unlikely given that Congress has a Republican majority and DC is staunchly Democrat.

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