Error updating windows ad authentication properties

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As the server needs to have a valid X509 certificate for this to function, if the server fails to do TLS upgrade, the communication continues to happen over insecure LDAP.

In other words, in the environment that the server supports this, it'll automatically use a properly secure connection.

If you have added a group and it appears in the list with a red stop sign, Jenkins cannot find it. If you are not sure what the notation for a group name is, try the following procedure: If you think you've configured everything correctly but still not being able to login (or any other problems), please enable Logging and configure logging level for "hudson.plugins.active_directory" to ALL.Attempt a login and then file a ticket with the log output.Also, it might be useful to enable: It might happen that one of the servers in the farm is incorrectly replicated and the ad-plugin is sticky with this one, so we might want to check with ldapsearch command or the Test button in the GUI that all the servers are working correctly trying to look for an user on the tree. Login Exception: Pre-authentication information was invalid (24)(08/27 :839): [bes.basplugin.activedirectory. Note: Ensure that Black Berry Enterprise Server version 5.0 MR1 or later is installed prior to performing the workaround. Login Exception: Integrity check on decrypted field failed (31)Note: For Black Berry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP1 to 5.0 SP3 the Administration Service tab now shows AD Settings instead of LDAP.

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