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She also keeps setting him up on matchmaking dates, saying his niece Mi-joo (Seo Ji-hee), who hasn't spoken a word since the childhood trauma of her parents' deaths, needs a mother figure.When Sam-soon finds herself in need of ₩50 million (approximately ) to prevent the foreclosure of her mother's house, Jin-heon proposes a deal: in exchange for the money, she agrees to become his pretend girlfriend.She is an excellent baker with a fervent passion for making desserts.On Christmas Eve, Sam-soon gets dumped by her cheating boyfriend (Lee Kyu-han) and loses her job.Kim Sam-soon (Kim Sun-a) is loud and brash, yet insecure about her weight.

.maybe...: His character however only lasted for the first 15-20 minutes and later died- I'm not happy with that fact but I understand that this is the starting point for more people outside the Hallyu world to come and notice him. Hopefully this movie will launch a great start for Daniel's acting career in his own country. Being good looking gentleman, Daniel never lacks of beautiful woman as his friends.

One of the movie I've been anticipated since last year is X-man Origin: Wolverine.

It's not because of Hugh Jackman who looked ruggedly handsome as Wolverine but all because of Daniel Phillip Henney as David North aka Agent Zero.

Most American don't know who is Daniel Henney like his Asian fans do even Hugh Jackman once said Daniel is more popular than Brad Pitt in Korea. I was surprised to know that he is quite close to Lee Hyori and Jung Ryeo Won.

I was even more surprised when I read he named Kim Suna( she is my favourite too) as one of the 7 important people in his life and even his girlfriend-Maggie Q didn't make into the list.

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