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Walls however joined Tsunami Media, a company of former Sierra employees, and created a Spiritual Successor named Controversial FMV horror adventure games released in 1995 starring a young woman exploring a haunted mansion to discover the truth of why one of her loved ones have suddenly become violent and murderous.

is the superior game with better graphics, the ability to play with all three characters simultaneously instead of two.

Menaced by game juggernaut Blizzard's first MMO, the sequel was rushed to market and suffered for it.

has garnered the most media attention, the most parodies, the largest user base, and overall, the most success, though it's also notorious for the sheer amount of sex that permeates it, including just about every kink known to man (and some that aren't).

is the winner here, getting four sequels, and you're most likely to find it out of the three (in any incarnation) in a given arcade (or in bigger arcades, you'll find that the Time Crisis machines outnumber Virtua Cop machines two to one).

proved to be a massive hit in arcades and has become one of Sega's biggest franchises with three arcade sequels, all ported to at least one home system, eight spinoff games, and two (awful! was the first successful 3D MMO, but its unforgiving game mechanics were beginning to show their age.

was initially a smash hit, sales, subscriptions, and critical praise fell off sharply after a few months in light of the game's tepid support, numerous delays of promised content, uncommunicative developers, and severe restrictions on free-to-play players.

was the first on the scene, with more focus on competitive gameplay, while War Thunder was more of a Follow the Leader but initially focused more on aircraft.

SC is still in alpha stage with still no clear release date in sight, with fans worried the game will never fully release due to the features the developers keep adding in.NMS stumbled and fell right out of the gate at release when it was revealed the full game did not have nearly as many features as the developers had promised.probably enjoys the nostalgic value and comes in a close second to Time Crisis, since the last game was released in early the 2000s and it did receive three sequels (one short of Time Crisis' four) and a remake.The other games have seen varying degrees of success, though most of them still live in most popular MMORPG on the market right now eight years after its initial release.XIV was released in a disgustingly unfinished state reeking of lazy, poor design choices by a creator who ignored things fans requested by the thousands because it went against "his vision", and was generally considered to be the absolute lowest an MMO can reach.

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