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(While he was having important meetings on the revolution, his wife embroidered it).His attempt was not successful; only in 1902 Cuba became an independent republic and López's flag was adopted as the official flag.In honor of Cespedes and the bravery of the residents of Bayamo, who during the 10 Year War burned the prosperous city to the ground and moved to the forrest rather than surrender it to the Spaniards, Bayamo was proclaimed a "National Monument" and from then on would have its name proceeded by the initials M. for "Monumento Nacional." Since Cuba gained independence from Spain, the flag of Bayamo is displayed alongside the Cuban national flag at official ceremonies and events.Miguel de Teurbe Tolon created the Cuban Coat of Arms (el Escudo Cubano).When he awoke in the park, the colors of the splendorous sky allowed him to envision the would-be flag.

He carried 'La Estrella Solitaria' -'The Lone Star'-banner, Cuba's present flag.While the lone white star within the equilateral red triangle represents the unity of our people upon the blood spilled by our revolutionary heroes.When Cuba became independent from Spain on May 20, 1902, Cespedes Flag was officially designated the flag of the city of his birth: Bayamo, Oriente, and the flag which Venezuelan-born, Cuban patriot, Narciso López flew in the city of Cárdenas on May 19, 1850, was officially designated the Cuban national flag.On the 9th of June 1878, a judicial decree divided the Island of Cuba into six provinces, with the Vuelta Abajo area established as the Province of Pinar del Río.This province originally consisted of 25 municipalities, but they were reduced to 15 municipalities after the 1878 decree.

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