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”a source, transit and destination country for child sex trafficking, and a country where severe forms of human trafficking occur.” It is the cultural obligation of children in Cambodia to financially support their parents.

90% of girls working in the sex industry are knowingly sold by their families.

In 1975, the Khmer Rouge, a communist regime led by Pol Pot, took over the country, and began a violent restructuring of the entire society.

During the 4-year rule mass genocide of the educated, religious and influential resulted in what has become known as The Killing Fields of Cambodia.

The majority of street children who have been identified as victims of this abuse are boys, with many citing foreign nationals as the perpetrators.

The Khmer is the largest ethnic group in Cambodia.

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Today in Cambodia – the current generation of young men and women are the offspring of those who lost their parents or siblings as a result of the Khmer Rouge reign of terror – when ”families” were annihilated.

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Today it is the national symbol of Cambodia and a must see tourist attraction.Cash advances are also available on Visa and Master cards from most banks and money exchangers.Banks are open from am to pm Monday to Friday and some banks are also open on Saturday mornings. All major currencies are easily exchanged especially Thai Baht and the Euro.As we are based in Siem Reap we can provide you with all of the information you will need for your trip to Cambodia.We have therefore put together the following information, which we will update immediately whenever we are made aware of any changes.

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