Are kellyanne and wes dating

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Their love lasted long after their season was over.

They even got married…but then they got divorced in 2010.

Trishelle and Steven (Las Vegas) Steven & Trishelle were the all-American couple that could have been.

Their romance didn’t extend past The Real World, but their pregnancy scare was one for the record books.

They may not have been a real couple, but Naomi is the only person on the cast that has been “married” to another cast member.

Robin & Dan (Road Rules Viewers Revenge) if you’re one of the few people that watched The Island you may remember when Robin was in a relationship with Danimal. Paula & Mike (Real World Las Vegas) I wouldn’t expect to put Mike on this list once, let alone twice.

Jemmye and Knight (New Orleans 2) I’ll admit, I didn’t think these two were capable of relationships when they entered the Real World house, but they were attracted to each other.

Naomi & Mike (Real World Las Vegas) got married at the end of their season of The Real World.

Paula & Derek (Road Rules Viewers Revenge) if you blinked during The Gauntlet 3 then you missed this one, but they were caught canoodling in Mexico that season.

Rachel and/or Abram and/or Veronica (Road Rules Semester At Sea) back in the day there were plenty of rumors about Rachel and Veronica hooking up, but nothing was confirmed.

Landon and Shavonda (Philadelphia) Landon and Shavonda didn’t last too long, Shavonda will forever remember Landon as her “first.” They were all over each other on The Real World, but barely acknowledged each other on The Inferno 2.

Danny and Melinda If there was ever a couple that stood a chance, it was these two.

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