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She never had the sponsor support like Maria Sharapova, who is deep in the closet.. Although they tried to get Nole to break up with his girlfriend a few years ago to focus on his tennis and he refused. Nole in person is a nice easy-going guy who really wants to be liked. The main problem is that all around him, everyone mollycoddles him. I have thought about your question long and hard.... Nalbandian is one of my favorite players and I'm hoping that this was just a really unfortunate accident - without intent.

The winner (of course, in my very busy mind) has to be Del Potro. Let's see you get on court with tens of thousands people cheering your every mistake and see how much you smile. Open years ago where a bunch of obnoxious New Yorkers made his comments about the crowd seem civil, and since then, I can't recall any "whining". R27 Nole has well-deserved reputation for bad sportsmanship.

And side note - according to his website, he's practicing now and hoping to be back playing in the coming months. I'm excited about the Tommy Haas/Fed final tomorrow.

Tommy was playing well in Paris, but really looked like he tired out. He will be ranked ~ 59 by reaching the final, and would re-enter the top 50 with a won over Federer in the final. Nole pouts and whines about something as simple as the crowd cheering for his opponent. Fed got away with that perfect gentleman thing for a very long time.

One of the big rules is that you must play at the server's pace.

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Plus he looks terrific (picture from February of this year). Mauresmo had all kinds of problems from tennis players, sponsors and fans.The most obnoxious was claiming that a "trained" professional would not take a risky shot on match point and just swing at the ball and that Nole was "lucky" to win. Christina Mc Hale kept it together and pulled it out. Kvitova, Stosur, and Radwanska all out in the first round too...R42-you don't seem to understand the rules of the game, but etiquette is supremely important in tennis, there are very strict rules.It's all so (PR)orchestrated today ,they are just robots, boring as hell....I just wish that gay male and female tennis players could just come out and be done with it.

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