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Maybe George shouldn't opine about victims ever again,' Trump Jr tweeted, referring to Takei's June tweet that accused Ivanka Trump of playing the victim after an interview she did with Fox and Friends.

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Takei, who has denied the sexual assault allegations, tweeted out a chart that reportedly showed Russian bot activity over 48 hours. The chart he shared, which was published by Securing, showed 'Takei' and 'George Takei' high on the trending list.'A friend send me this.

The former model said he encountered Takei, who has denied the allegations, when he was living in Hollywood and working as a waiter at the beginning of his career at Greg's Blue Dot Bar.

He said he exchanged numbers with the actor, and on occasion the pair called each other or ran into each other at different clubs.

Many were quick to criticize Takei on Twitter for the claims - taking screenshots of the now-deleted tweets.'It's incredible that the Star Trek fandom is surprisingly quiet about this,' one Twitter user wrote.

'Did George Takei actuall try to blame Russia for his sexual assault allegations, or is this #Fake News? Meanwhile, the former model who accused Takei of sexual assault said that he simply wants an apology.

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